Friday, August 21, 2009

Savannah’s Spinach Caesar Salad with Chicken

After a grueling physical therapy session I decided to head to the grocery store in search of something yummy, and comforting for lunch. When I stepped out of my truck I could smell that it was going to rain and that I only had a few hours to whip up some comfort food, before the downpour began. And knowing that when we, Alex, Savannah and I, ate it that it would be in the family room curled up on the sofa watching crap television, our favorite rainy day activity.

I knew I wanted pasta, chicken, spinach and “something”, what exactly that something was I wasn’t sure until I wandered by our deli section and saw some kind of “Caesar Pasta”; and that was my deciding factor. Refusing to purchase anything from our deli (remembering Rob’s violent food poisoning episode) I knew I was on my own for a concept, which actually came together in a flash, being a recent disciple of Caesar anything (especially homemade dressing) I figured I could bust out a bottle I had on hand and proceed on with my anticipation of a rainy day feast.
I chose farfalle because I thought it would be an easy pasta shape for small toddler sized forks and fingers to pick up, and it was.

Shortly after completing the pasta Savannah awoke from her nap, the skies had opened up with a downpour of summer awe, Alex and I were ensconced on the sofa with our blankets, the T.V. was on, and the little miss joined us for our feast on the sofa. I was having a bowl of the pasta (and a lovely mid afternoon Chardonnay – like I said physical therapy was painful) and Alex was noshing on some ice cream (hormonal therapy). Being not quite two Savannah wasn’t sure which dish to gravitate to; she tried some ice cream, tried some pasta, and proceeded to snuggle up with me to share the pasta. Not one bowl, but two – she loved it that much; the amusing part of it was her of trying to spear the spinach before anything else. Between feeding Savannah and Alex bites, I convinced Alex to get her own bowl, which she did and proceeded to share that with Savannah too.

The next afternoon we shared bowls of the pasta served cold on the deck in the sun, we shared “bites”, again, with Savannah’s preference towards the spinach. I think the flavors had melded even more overnight, and was just as delicious cold as hot.

The only thing I have to advocate is that you use the absolute best parmesan cheese you can find. My particular cheese that I had on hand runs around eleven dollars a pound, but if I am in town (Anchorage) I will go to a specialty market and purchase a fabulous cheese that runs close to twenty dollars a pound. It is worth every penny. There are few things in this world as scrumptious and delightful as great parmesan.

Alex has warned me that the bowl of pasta is low and I had better whip up some more, as it is “the bomb”, and to please not run out. I love my girl.

Today, I have a pot of Cream of Spinach soup simmering, which Savannah has been taste testing frequently with many consenting nods. The soup will be served with a garlic and olive Focaccia, another winner in her book.

Savannah’s Spinach Caesar Salad with Chicken

1 pound farfalle (bowtie pasta) cooked
½ pound fresh spinach, cleaned and torn
1 cup cooked chicken
1 tablespoon Italian Seasoning
Salt and fresh ground pepper to taste
Creamy Caesar dressing
Fresh grated – good quality – parmesan cheese

· Cook pasta until al dente. Rinse and season with salt, pepper and Italian seasoning.
· Clean and tear spinach, place at bottom of a large bowl.
· Pour hot pasta over spinach, allowing it to wilt.
· Add chicken.
· Add Caesar dressing to taste, about three tablespoons.
· Toss.
· Add grated parmesan.

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